Thursday, April 25, 2013

Health-cation? Not sure on that one

But....I guess everyone could use some forethought about health before setting off to parts unknown.

Jennifer and Jolie are health coaches and celeb fitness trainers.

Vacay like the fabulous!

Fabulous people, I see from this, never abandon their eating regimen. So before you go, research healthy grocery stores and restaurants (maybe on your phone). Pick exits with a Subway, not a Wendy's (hey! my kid works there).

If you need gas station snacks, stick to pretzels, nuts and water.

Pack your suitcase with nonperishable provisions. Nuts, whole grain crackers, power bars.

Take the liquor out of the minibar and put in yogurt and other perishables such as carrot sticks.

Drink mocktails.

OK--a step too far. But you get the idea. I would say do sample local delicacies or specialties--but make lunch or breakfast a healthy one. Include some protein.

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