Friday, April 12, 2013

How to have beautiful nails

I don't know from paste-on or acrylic--I am allergic to polish, for one thing. So I have sort of stubbies--and everyone makes ME open tight things and risk my nails.

But I know plenty of people who are all about the nails. The American Academy of Dermatology is one such place, as well. Board-certified dermatologist Phoebe Rich, MD, of the Oregon Health Science University, has some tips for nice nails.

Make sure your nail tech has experience and a license (if required).

See if the stations look clean.

Does the tech wash hands before starting on you?

When it comes to peddies--shave your legs AFTER. This cuts risk of serious infection.

If you go to the tech alot, maybe you would want to purchase your own tools.

Be sure footbaths are cleaned a lot (and forget those nibbling fish).

If you use red or orange polish--apply two layers of base coat to cut discoloration.

Strengthening polish can actually make nails break more.

If you have an infection, artificial nails can make it worse.

Whew--have anything I can pry open for you? I won't charge much.

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