Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kids and lawn mowers--no no no no

A toddler on the grass and here comes Dad with the roaring mower, sticks and stones flying, blades churning.


Injuries from law mowers are the most traumatic seen at the Monroe Carell Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt Univ. A mower can shoot a rock or debris 2,100 feet at 200 mph!

Two kids have already been hurt this spring at that one hospital. Six were seriously hurt last year.

Lacerations to the legs, amputated fingers.

Some injuries are to older kids actually operating the mower and suffer cuts or amputations or a person of any age who falls off a riding mower and gets run over.

Please read the manual of the darn thing before using it.

Never let kids ride as passengers.

Clear twigs and rocks before mowing.

Wear closed-toe shoes.

Also--if your mower is loud, wear ear plugs.,

Get a  mower with a dead man's switch--it stops if the operator lets go of the handle.

Send the tots inside.

No kids under 16 on riding mowers, period.

Keep fuel away from kids--and refuel outside, never in a closed space. This is not a job for kids, either.

Let's keep the little ones alive, people! And all ten fingers and toes.

Also--I am adding this--with weedeaters, wear safety goggles. I am down one eye and I miss it!

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