Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spring--find the farmer's market

We have one here in Chandler--but it's in the late afternoon on a weekday. We used to have a better one in DC--in Adams Morgan on Saturday. The cheese--yuh-um! Also, Washington had the Eastern Market on the Hill--fabulous.

Reader Nancy Paull recommends the Yellow Green Farmers Market in H'wood, FL. (

No matter where you live (almost), there are some farmers or growers within a short drive. This has given rise to the whole "locavore" idea of eating food from nearby (local).

Also on the scene are CSAs--Community Supported Agriculture (google it). Farmers offer weekly boxes of food directly to consumers. The eaters buy "shares" in the farm.

While "organic" food is pricey, farmer's market food can be quite reasonable.

And it's fresh and preservative free.

Speaking of preservatives, I heard that we eat so many, our um...bodies...decompose slower than 20 years ago.


So think instead of spring, shiny fruits, cascading leafy veggies, that pungent smell of new life, bursting with nutrients.

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