Thursday, April 18, 2013

The doctor staff runaround

Honestly, I don't know if it's Arizona or everywhere, but out here the 20-30-somethings that "run" doctors' offices are excruciating. Yes, there are (a few) exceptions, but so many settle their officious selves into their self-made fiefdoms and just torture people half to death with their nonsense!

They use the wrong size BP cuff and pitch a hiss if you mention it. If you ask to get your pressure taken manually and not with that automatic squeeze-ya-till-you-cry machine, they audibly sniff and then slooowly cast about to find the old-fashioned BP cuff that works far better.

They chat with each other as you stand there waiting for paperwork.

I was trying to make a mammogram appointment this week and you'd think I was arranging for medical tourism to get lamb cells in Switzerland. I called three times a day for three days running--got put directly into hold (no human) each time. I waited five mins each time--then abandoned.

Finally I wrote a letter to the place--no email on their website. Could someone call me to make an appt? No one did.

Then we went in person, in the car, and the woman finally got to me and then asked me to wait for someone to make my appt--wait on hold IN PERSON!

So I began looking for a new imaging place--typos on the websites (very confidence inspiring--can't find a typo, can you find breast cancer?). I read reviews on YELP--one place, a patient commented, would be good if you were recovering from a coma because nothing happened there--no one went in or came out.

Come on--can anybody play this game?

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