Thursday, April 11, 2013


Yay for the Henry Ford Health System--they finally invented a rational patient gown--no more peepshow in the back, stupid little paper towels to cover you, flimsy freezing skimpies.

This is like a wrap-around robe, but it still accommodates IVs etc without those crazy-complicated snap shoulders.

It was invented by the Henry Ford Innovation Institute in collaboration with the College of Creative Studies (I do a creativity site--

This gown is closed in the back (I would wear two of the old style, one in front, one in back).

It's thicker, warmer.

It closes with snaps, not those dopey ties.

It also fits larger people.

It's even--dare I say it--a little stylish?

The catch? They are testing it and then will try to find someone to make it. So it will be a while. The cost, though, is about the same as the old one, so maybe we will see these at some point.

Come on, suppliers--help us out here.

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Star Lawrence said...

I have been informed of another gown improvement: Patient Style.

In addition to their standard gown that closes the peep show doors, they have gowns specific for mammograms, for nursing, and a modesty gown that provides full coverage (especially beneficial to patients of certain religions).

PLUS PatientStyle gowns are now available and already in hospitals across the country.