Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes, campers--time to bear-proof

I know this may not be at the top of your hit parade, but for campers, watching out for bears can be a concern.

I watch a perfectly horrifying show called I SURVIVED, and it recently featured two guys set upon by a grizzly in the wild. One got his face ripped off.

Soooo...even if you are going to black bear country, Gerald Bourquet, Cronkite News Service, has some words to the wise.

Since 1990, there have only been 10 bear attacks in Arizona. But bears do roam other states.

Be bear-aware, the rangers say.

Many campgrounds have bear-proof trash cans and storage areas.

Still--don't bring dirty diapers, used tampons, candy or anything yummy-smelling into your tent.

If a bear attacks, wave your arms and shout and look as big as you can while backing away.

On I SURVIVED, the guy climbed a tree--thinking grizzlies had claws did not retract and could not climb. The bear came right up. The other guy played dead--of course, he was half-dead by then.

Those guys also had bear mace--but had taped down the trigger--that proved unfortunate.

I saw a bear cross the road once in Wintergreen (Virginia). My family to this day says it was just a dog. I never get any respect.

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