Friday, April 19, 2013

You cannot tell what is in someone's mind

The events of this week--the Boston atrocity and almost unbelievable identification and manhunt--won't leave my brain.

What stuck with me was the first video of the suspects put out Thursday evening--they were strolling along on their way to blow the legs off strangers. Just walking along.

My late father was a psychiatrist and he always said you cannot tell what is in another person's mind. All the profilers, experts, wary mates, and so on in the world cannot really read minds.

Of course, now the spin begins--the father says they were angels and the (at least as of this writing) surviving son needs to come back to Russia.

That isn't happening...who would think that? Can he really think that?

This is all so pointless and horrible.

About all we have going for us is our preternatural "hair on the neck" thing--a feeling--and that is not reliable, either.

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