Thursday, May 09, 2013

Can you outrun a lion in a wheelchair?

Extraordinary Journeys offers an 11-day Botswana safari available even to those with physical limitations.

In cooperation with Endeavor Safaris and Desert & Delta Safaris, this adventure starts at $6,360 a person, quadruple occupancy (a tent?). Airfare is not included.

The vehicles are handicapable and the trip is wheelchair friendly.

You will go on game drives in several parks straight out of National Geographic and the Animal Channel.

The accomodations are lush, the service attentive. There is even a boat excursion.

Check it out at

I was joking (I think) about the lion checking out your wheelchair. I am sure some studly type with a big gun will be going along.

Pix: Courtesy of Extraordinary Journeys.

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