Friday, May 24, 2013

Candy is dandy...or at least OK

Finally, a completely believable, wonderful study.

In the April 30 issue of Nutrition Journal, they found that people who eat candy at least every other day are no more likely to be overweight or have increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease than moderate candy chompers (once a week) or less frequent indulgers (less than 3 times a month).

All adults--96%--report eating candy.

They poked and prodded these candy eaters, BMI, waist size, skinfold thickness. Frequency of consumption was not related to overweight. It also did not affect BP, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides or insulin resistance.

Of course--you saw this one coming, didn't you?--this does not mean you can move in with Willie Wonka. Moderation.

They are going to do more research into "the role candy plays in life."

That's a job--where do I sign?

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