Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't let the wheezies spoil spring fun

My sister is far from a kid, but she is snorting and choking all over the place. Spring pollen! I have been sneezing a few times a day and I don't even have allergies that I know of.

The trees and now the grass are attacking us! Fifty million people have allergies. That's tons of slime (sorry).

The Loyola Health system has some advice for parents of snuffly, miserable children.

But if kids run outside to play (finally!) and get itchy eyes, sneezes, runny nose, coughs, and asthma (tight chest--can't get a breath), allergies are interfering with life.

Parents should get going and check pollen counts. (Twitter@GottliebAllergy). On high days, keep the kids in.

On high count days, keep windows and doors closed to pollen doesn't settle inside. Use the air conditioner.

When kids do come inside, have them wash face and hands or even take a shower and change.

Be sure the child is not suffering from asthma--can't breathe, tightness in chest.

Try to get ahead of symptoms--ask about shots--or now, an oral allergy medicine.

Spring and summer are about fun--not sickness or even worse.

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