Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Feet, feet, glorious feet

You should see me try to walk with this arthur-itis--Frankenstein. But at least my feet don't hurt.

But plenty of people's feet do hurt by day's end. That is a lot of weight on a little surface area over a lot of time.

Moving your ankles up and down can help recirculate blood. 

Even sitting can hurt feet--a burst of activity followed by sitting can get your calves to tighten up, which in turn can cause heel pain (plantar's fascitis).


Elevating your feet or rubbing them can help. A basic runner's stretch, hands against wall, a couple of times a day can also help.

Some people think Epsom salts in a soak eases pain--but researchers are not sure why.

Heels cups in your shoes can help plantar's fascitis.

High heels can force weight onto the ball of the foot--try going up half a size with a pad under the ball--and doing the runner's stretch.

Feet tend to get bigger over time. See if you still wear the same size you think you do.

If foot pain is not better after a night's sleep or persists over time, you might want to have a doctor check for tendon damage or bunions.

Weight loss is also recommended--isn't it always?

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