Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here's the memo, cheers!

I once had to wait so long at the eye doctor's that I told the guy he needed to put in a bar.

According to a piece in the WSJ, May 14, 2013, the CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) of the Life is Good Co., a Boston apparel company, the firm is going to put a tavern in the office when they build their new headquarters.

Beer on tap, lounge seating, a big fireplace, and a bar. Also: a stage for live music.

It will be big enough for all 250 employees for company-wide meetings.

He says the company is not fancy--none of those stupid suits, for instance. You can even work in the bar if you want.

What if someone gets shellacked and tries to drive? Well, the CEO intones, that person is probably not going to work out with the company.

I dunno--do you want to go home sometimes, meet with outside friends... But I guess this is a pretty neat idea. The meetings should be way more fun.

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