Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hot dogs are for eating, not walking

In USA TODAY WEEKEND, Apr 26-28, 2013, some tips for keeping your pooch alive this summer.

First, don't leave darker colored dogs in direct sun--they suck up heat.

If the dog is outside, provide shade and water (duh). Maybe even a kiddie pool.

Walk the dog in cooler hours like early morning.

Don't leave the dog in the car--a 70-degree day can make the car 110 in 15 mins.

If the dog is not used to exercise, don't plan a 10-mile hike on the weekend.

Flat-nosed breeds like English bulldogs have trouble panting. Be especially careful of these.

If your pet does get overheated, slobbering and panting excessively, wet the animal down--be sure the water is not running hot out of the hose.

Never apply ice--it's a step too far.

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