Thursday, May 30, 2013

How can Superman shave?

I know I should post this to a BIG BANG THEORY fan site, but I don't know one.

So a PR rep from Gillette asked me the other day to ask you: If Clark Kent has a beard in the upcoming movie MAN OF STEEL, how can he shave it if Superman has whiskers of steel and is impervious to everything?

I say a Kryptonite razor--listening, Gillette?

But--in the spirit of fun, which I like, by the way--there is a website where Supie experts weigh in.

Go to

The experts there are Kevin Smith (thanks for CLERKS), Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from TV's MYTHBUSTERS, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Mayim Bialik (yes, from BIG BANG).

They made videos about Superman's facial adornment and you can vote on which is best.

I do know the beard has to go--Superman is no youngster anymore and those ratty beards look awful on middle-aged men. Ben Bernanke, call your service.

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