Friday, May 03, 2013

Is it worth it just to sleep?

All my life, I have been a light, erratic sleeper. Now, I have an aging mutt who gets up for a pit stop and stares at me until I wake up--several times a night. He used to bang on the metal closet doors until I removed them.

So, nights over here are pretty much a circus.

But remember, Michael Jackson having some quack anesthetize him--to death?

Now, other people take Ambien and other drugs with zolpidem. These include Ambien CR, Edular, and Zolpimist.

Since 2005, ER visits because of these have more than doubled. Three quarters of these are people over 45. More women than men have bad side effects.

So the FDA recommends halving the dose for women--and also lowering it for men.

This stuff can also interact with painkillers and other meds. Powerful! In 37% of cases that make it to the ER, other drugs are involved.

There is a program now called "Not Worth the Risk--Even If It's Legal." This refers to many prescription drugs.

Oh, and on Ambien and the others, these can make you do nutty things--such as going out for Italian in the middle of the night and having no clue the next morning.

I have considered a doggy sleeping pill--do they have those?

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