Friday, May 31, 2013

Pets freak out from disasters, too

One of the most touching scenes in the OK tornado was a woman talking to a reporter about her dead dog, crying--then the pooch, hearing her, squirmed out from under the debris.

But animals can get very upset when they see chaos and humans upset. They like their world just so, as do humans. Take a dog in thunder. Not good.

Susan Nelson, DVM, a vet and clinical associate professor at Kansas State, says often humans have to go to shelters and pets cannot come with.

Sometimes, though, pets are housed close by. Go over, take the dog for a walk. Give the animal one of your t-shirts to wear so they can smell you.

I have also heard of people giving animals the homeopathic remedy called Rescue Remedy. A few drops in water.

Also, check the animal over--be sure it has no injuries. Animals have the instinct of covering up an injury. Be persistent.

Signs of stress include diarrhea, chewing, shaking, being easily spooked.

Be sure the dog is microchipped.

To help all animals, you could consider donating to the ASCPA or Red Cross.

I like to say animals are people, too--but actual people get really mad at me for this.

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