Thursday, May 02, 2013

Seasonal reminder: Drown-proof everyone

Am I getting bossy? Give the dog water, don't feed bears...and now, please don't let anyone die in your swimming pool? I probably am--I can be a noodge.

Our here in Arizona, according to the public education officer of the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona, we lose a classroom full of kids a year to the blue lagoons.

First, NO MORE FLOATIES! These stupid noodles are toys, not floatation devices.

If the kid needs a floatie, put on a life jacket instead. Swimming in a lake or river--life jacket!!

Pools are not the only danger--what about canals. These can have weird currents.

Little tots can also fall into toilets or buckets of water.

Never leave kids in the tub watched by other kids.

And--did you know twice as many adults as kids drown each year? Never swim alone, and don't swim after taking drugs or drinking (including prescriptions).

Swimming after a meal is OK--but it's about the only thing people don't do and they could if they wanted.

Let's not have the worst summer ever. What do you say?

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