Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some tiny things to help Mother Earth

No, I am not a Climate nut (although my sister is a Weather nut), but I guess I like nature well enough to want it around (well, water lilies, trees, and tigers, anyway).

Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson run Food Tank (http://foodtank. org).

They think single-crop farms are degrading the soil and creating bad food for people.

So they are all about (buzzword warning) sustainable agriculture.

Some tips:

Eat more colors. Colors denote nutritional richness.

Buy food with less packaging. Packages create one-third of the waste gumming up the world.

Choose seasonal produce.

Maybe go on a farm stay instead of a vacay. Check out World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Cook your own food. Cook in batches and freeze for later.

Be convivial (they are also for positive outlooks). I guess it's OK to laugh and stuff your face with sustainable veggies you cooked yourself. In fact, it sounds almost fun.

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