Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take a pill, take a pill!

There used to be a show on called FRIDAYS, and it had a mad pharmacist character on it--he would shriek and tear his hair--TAKE A PILL. TAKE A PILL!

It's great to be old and bore people with ancient references no one gets.

But reading a story by Timothy Hay (isn't that a real kind of hay?) in the WSJ, May 21, 2013, made me think of that guy. The article was about how health companies try to make you take your drugs.

After six months, half of all people start screwing up--not taking pills on time or not renewing 'scripts.

Then come the robo-calls (from my health company they concern drugs I was never given, which is reassuring).

Medicare does offer them money if they can make you take as directed.

And they will have fewer hospital visits to pay for, etc.

These companies often profile patients to see which ones are bad at compliance or are facing crappy side effects.

They offer gift cards for compliance.

The pill bottles also are being redesigned to sound alarms or glow if doses are missed.

Some tracking drugs also contain tiny sensors to transmit if they are taken.

One idea--from that famous "idea" joint IDEO--is for the bottle to start to rot like an overripe banana as it passes expiration with pills still inside.

Ew. Get away from me!

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