Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Talking jammies

Smart PJ's are kids' pajamas that tell bedtime stories.

These were developed by an Idaho realtor with six kids, named Juan Murdoch. The garments are covered with patterns that can be scanned with an app and trigger the smartphone or tablet.

What the stories are is not made clear.

The idea is that bedtime becomes more intriguing.

How do I see this? (Someone spammed my site the other day saying I should never tell readers to decide for themselves.) Well, I think kids like a story read by an adult--and a snuggle. If the kid is tossed in bed with a scanner, well, it sort of lacks the personal touch, what?

But, of course, parents can join in the fun, too--watch the video.

Watch the video, scan the pajamas...where is all this going?

I can see a kid screaming, "I said the left sleeve!"

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