Monday, May 20, 2013

The buzz on spraying for skeeters

We don't have much malaria in this country, but mosquitoes do carry West Nile and some other diseases you don't want to get.

If you have tried Citronella candles and traps and are still slapping, what about spraying your yard?

The WSJ took this up may 14, 2013.

First, not all mosquitoes die when you spray. Some resist the insecticide.

 The cost can range from $100 to at least a $1000 if there is a large area, woods, pond and other attrractors.

You need to spray monthly.

If the neighbors don't spray--well, theirs will come over to your joint.

If you have water around, even in a flower pot, they can spawn in there. Dump things out. If you have a fish pond, there are fish that can be put in to eat the larvae. We have goldfish in our pond that do the same.

Although commercial sprays are safe for use in a consumer situation, remove toys and pet bowls and keep children and animals in for two to four hours until the chemicals have dried.

Also--sprays can hurt bees and other pollinating insects...sorry, but it's true.

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