Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tricked-out water

I hate Gatorade! It tastes like lime sweat.

But we all know sodas are killah--even the artificially sweetened kind with the medicine aftertaste. So what to do...

Sarah Nassauer, WSJ, May 15, 2013, made the supreme sacrifice and glugged a whole bunch of alternates.

Yoda-like, she asks, "When is water actually soda?" She never answers that, but does point out that 20% of Americans don't like water. Soda also still whips bottled water in sales.

So now we have zero-cal water with flavors. Poland Spring has a fruit essence thing.

Sparkling Ice is made by Talking Rain Company Inc. "Not as boring as water, not as bad for you as soda" is their somewhat iffy tagline--some cals.

We also have liqud "water customizers," meaning flavorings. These use artificial sweetners. Easy, tasty.

I have tried Hint water--watery with a slight fruit overtone.

CitrusZinger is tricky--you put lemon or lime slices in the bottom and squoosh them into the water.

989OnDemand has Himalayan sea salt and minerals ion the top, which go into the water when you twist the cap.

And then, ta-da, we have water. Dasani is the #2 bev in the US. For bubbles, think S. Pellegrino.

[What happened to Perrier?]

Some people react well to carbonation--cooling the tongue, zippy. Others don't like it.

In related non-news, did you know only parts of the NY area and Wisconsin call a water fountain a bubbler?

I am feeling random today. I may be dehydrated.

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