Monday, May 06, 2013

Why are some kids so STUPID?

There is a new designer drug out here in AZ called N-Bomb. It is supposedly a version of mescaline or LSD--except it sends some idiots into a coma and then to heaven.

Or as one cop put it--they become deceased.

See, they think it's LSD and pop it right in, in this case, via nose drops.

One guy thought his friend who took it was tired and drove him around to get fresh air. He was actually dead for several hours in the car before the idea of the hospital arose.

In another case, the docs spent five days bringing some kid out of a coma to see him lapse back into seizures. He lived, but is a wreck.

WITH ANY SYNTHETIC DRUG, YOU CANNOT TELL WHAT IS IN IT! No trials, no tests, just stupid volunteers who decide what the heck.

This stuff is cooked up by amateur chemists trying to get around the laws on various substances. Think BREAKING BAD only with stupider people.

This N-bomb stuff is actually more like meth than LSD--only lasts longer, is worse (fever) and has longer seizures, ending in know.

Or you should know!

The docs and cops are trying to stay ahead of this stuff--they certainly can't count on the commonsense of the average teen.

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