Thursday, June 06, 2013

AA for teens

Good old Arizona has the highest rate of teens offered or sold illegal drugs--34.6%.

Out here, a woman named Susan Rothery founded Teen Addiction Anonymous, which is now in 20 AZ high schools. It is also present in some juvenile detention facilities.

This is a 12-step program for kids. Since kids often like to outdo each other--participants don't detail what their addiction is.

Instead they learn addiction is not "them," does not define them. And it can be beaten. It's not about shame or blame.

The idea has been in operation for five years. They tracked 150 kids who attended six or more meetings. Eighty percent went more often than that. Of this group, 80% had no more behavioral referrals and their academic performance improved.

Teens are approached everywhere, on campus and off, to guy or use drugs or alcohol. Pot is almost an old issue--now it's who is using heroin.

Underage alcoholism is rampant.

Maybe you can get something like Teen AA going where you live.

Personally, drinking has been an issue in my extended family. Usually this comes to a head in the 30s or 40s--but earlier would have been great.

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