Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dog park dangers

Nothing is safe--even taking the mutt to the dog park to run free.

Those places are hotbeds of parasites and viruses! Even some that jump into humans. Soil, water, air, dog kisses--you name it--potential horribleness.

Our guide for these canine-related delights is Dr. Susan Nelson, clinical associate prof at Kansas State's Veterinary Health Center.

Be sure your dog is fuilly vaccinated before a trip to the dog park.

Give the dog that flea and tick meds and heartworm pills--wear tight socks yourself.

Bring a water bowl (for the dog). Do not let Floppy drink from a communal bowl.

Watch the little devil--big dogs can kill little ones. Dirty little secret.

Do not let kids run barefoot in the dog park. The soil is full of parasite eggs.

Do not put toddlers on the ground to play. They love to eat dirt.

Oh, ish. Dogs are pigs--they eat barf and drink from toilets.

Bathe everybody in sanitizer and call it a day. Some fun.

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