Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finding a doctor

Now that people are going to be strong-armed into purchasing health insurance, they will need a primary doctor, even for plans with sky-high deductibles they may never use. Gotta get those "free" tests!

Time was, you could ask a friend which doctor they went to. Now--the doc recommended may not be in "your" network--may not be someone you can go to.

If you do find one in your network that's nearby or otherwise meets your needs, you may not be able to check past records on your state medical board site. Arizona has an easy way to check--not all states do. But even Arizona's is only the past five years.

If the doc is clean there, you can check on Angie's list for "reviews." But Angie's costs.

Or Yelp...Yelp is hard to search.

Or Google--put in the doctor's name and the word complaints or review.

Sometimes you get interesting stuff. I think I wrote about this a few years ago, but one review I remember was: "Go after lunch--he takes his anti-depressants after lunch."

Then you can call for an appointment--a friend told me this morning that an endocrinologist she finally landed on did not want her--he didn't treat plain old thyroid stuff anymore.

Could you scream?

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