Friday, June 07, 2013

Forty is not the new 30

It's so weird when, after decades of trying not to get pregnant, you want to.

I had a late-in-life kid at 38. It involved miscarriages (2) and using home-grown and store-bought sperm. TMI? Probably.

Anyhow, Sumath Reddy, WSJ, June 4, 2013, reminds us that the clock is ticking, ladies. Many OB-GYNs now bring this up--if you want a child, get going.

About 20% of American women wait until after 35. That is cutting it close. A healthy 30-year-old who is having regular sex has a 20% chance each month of getting preggers. A healthy 40-year-old has a 5% chance.

You can add all kinds of expensive tricks, such as In vitro, freezing eggs and embryos and this does not change the fact that the mean age of the first-time mother is 25.4 years, up just slightly from 24.9 10 years ago.

Our ovaries are aging at the same rate as 50 years ago.

Fertility, one doctor said, is a wild card.

You are well advised to get a reproductive game plan. And then pursue it--um, enthusiastically--the old-fashioned way.

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