Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hey hey hey--Avoid picnic poisoning

Nothing like a big mayo-laced bowl of mac salad sitting in the sun to lay low a whole family.

Yet, summer is prime time for dining al fresco. So just think a little before you sicken everybody.

The Institute for Food Technology has some tips.

When purchasing produce try to go local--get to know the farmer at the farmer's market. Is it a quality operation?  Be sure fruit and veggies are free of mold and bruises where pathogens can enter or flourish.

Before preparing food, wash your hands thoroughly in warm water and soap. At least 20 seconds!

Make sure countertops and cutting boards are clean.

Wash fresh produce before cutting into it--the only exception is prebagged salad. Sandy veggies should be soaked in water.

Even if you are not eating the skin or rind, cutting it can carry germs inside, so wash first.

Always marinate meat in the fridge--never on the counter or outside.

Grill to a temp: 145F fore steaks and fish, 160F for pork, hotdogs and burgers. 165F for poultry.

Use different plates for different meats.

If you are going to Jellystone Park, transport lunch meats and raw meat, cheeses, and condiments in coolers wil gel packs.

Try not to open the cooler too much.

Put the sodas in a separate cooler!

Toss uncooked leftovers--don't take them home.

Bon appetit! And, as ever--hope you live!

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