Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hot is hot--don't deny it

Phoenix is known for inhuman heat. People were not meant to live in the desert--but millions do anyway. It's going to be 107 here today.

People even chance sneaking into the country via the Sonoran Desert--and don't bring sufficient water. If they can't find watering stations, they die. Stone hot dead.

The Walmart near us used to have a sign saying, "Do Not Touch Door Handle." People went in anyway.

People out here carry hotpads in their pockets to open car doors.

I have lived here 17 years and still, even inside, with the air at 81 degrees, can get woozy or VERY tired by afternoon. I am dehyrdrated! I should know better, but I am. I don't know better.

In summer in a warm area, if you start to feel crummy--figure you need a big glass of water or two!

Crummy means getting dry mouth, feeling thirsty (you might not, though), tired, dizzy, or headachy. Babies and children can cry with no tears, not wet a diaper for more than 3 hrs, look kind of sunken, run a fever, be listless or irritable. Water! They need water!

If you don't perk up with some glasses of water--you may be heading for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

You don't want these.

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