Monday, June 17, 2013

Let's get serious about stopping pain

Everyone I know has pain, day in day out, every step, every entry to the car, even turning over in bed.

In some cases, the big drugs became habit-forming--and this was a hassle. And they make you sick and stop you up.

The heck with boner meds--let's find a non-addicting pain drug that doesn't give you a heart attack or ruin your kidneys or liver.

The Neuromodulation Society of America is looking at non-drug approaches--yay!

These are implantable devices that stop pain signals from getting to the brain and other mechanisms.

Digital drugs!

Since the first spinal cord stimulation system was installed in 1967, every aspect has been tweaked and improved--electrical leads, mainiaturization, battery capacity, you name it.

There is also a tiny wirelessly powered device inserted with a syringe, not an incision.

If you want to read more, go to

Go, docs!

I need to quit moaning and groaning and saying I need a demerol drip to get up from my desk. No one gets me one!

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