Thursday, June 13, 2013

Surfer workout

The WSJ (Jen Murphy, June 11, 2013) talks about champion surfer Carissa Moore's on-land workouts preparing her to run the pipeline.

She used to spend her time catching waves, but realized her upper bod strength was lacking. Now, she works on that, and her emotional strength to stay focused. Also-flexibility. Picture surfing, that weaving of the body back and forth.

She works on both fast twitch muscles (quickness, speed) and slow twitch (endurance). Jumping jacks, pushups with a jump to the side, etc. She also leaps up bleacher stairs like a frog.

After a surfing competition, she goes easy the next day. Her diet is protein (salmon, turkey), protein powder, salads. No bread after noon. Her BF finishes her sweet treats such as Oreos and ice-cream.

Some other tips for surfers, these from Holly Beck, who runs a retreat called Surf with Amigas (men can go, too) in Nicaragua. Her first tip is watch the waves, imagine where you would paddle out, study them the whole time you are at the beach.

If you are a beginner, look for someone more experienced who is smiling and ask for advice.

Stay on your board even in the white wash--the foamy part at the end.

Remember, Holly says--it's all about fun.

Even that frog thing?

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