Friday, June 21, 2013

The fat disease

The American Medical Association has declared that our friend obesity is an official disease. They say this will mean more insurance companies will have to pay for accepted "cures" such as surgery. How about nutritionists? Life coaches?

Those health plans will be a-robocallin'. Come get your waist measured.

I know people who went on those soy-based diets (soy shaped like food) and needed rah-rah coaches to keep them inspired. Then they gained back.

I gained back from every diet I ever tried. This started when I was about 14--with the ever-popular amphetamines (popular then, anyway, now we spell it Adderall).

So now that we are officially blighted, people can shun us without fear (not that they are afraid to now).

Come on, docs--even if someone wants to try yet another diet, you just say eat less, exercise more.

It's not that easy.

Just the other day, by the way, there was a study that showed most people believe weight loss advice from a fat doctor more than from a thin one. See? Didn't work for them, either! But I believe what they say.

It's not that you are offered a great pill with no anal leakage--and refuse to take it.

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