Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Bee careful

When I was a tot, we ran around barefoot in the grass and clover and often got bee stings. So often, in fact, that our mother kept a saucer of baking soda mixed with water on the kitchen table for us to slap on our stings.

Now, with Africanized bees and I guess a meaner bee atmosphere, bees out here in AZ, at least, can kill people.

My daughter evicted a coven of them from under a little boardwalk we have in front just last week. She is at war with bees--she was screeching and slamming the door to keep them out. These are not honey makers, so we are not charmed.

Our fire department says to leave bees alone. But it also points out that bees hate loud noises such as barking dogs or power machinery (say weedeaters).

They will gang up and attack pets and people.

If they stay in a place, say an overturned flower pot (or boardwalk), for more than 24 hrs, you should call the exterminator. Sure--if you have a handy dollar tree out back.

They can also nest in your attic. Not good.

If they start in on you, cover your face.

Run to a vehicle or building--get inside.

Do not swat at them!

Do not jump in a pool.

Call 9-1-1 if someone is being attacked. I guess they then attack the cops.

I am writing a screenplay about a bee. He is a cop. So this is all very confusing.

As for yellow jackets--they are  just criminals! Proceed accordingly.

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