Friday, July 26, 2013

Deer can make roadkill out of you

I once did an article on the bazillions of bucks (sorry) deer strikes cost states--not to mention the human lives lost when these 100-lb chunks juke out of nowhere into the path of your car.

In the story I did, states and cities were experimenting with lion urine from the zoo--sprinkling it where deer crossed major roadways.

Since deer tend to ignore that stupid cement stuff and just use their own traditional paths anyway, they continued to cross roads--and BAM!

So states then made underpasses on the deer crossing areas--sometimes the deer got the idea, other times not.

Now, in Government Technology Magazine, Elaine Pittman says Colorado is using perimeter security technology from prisons and airports to detect wildlife along the highways. A cable is buried nine inches underground and detects the presence of a large animal. This lights up a sign saying WILDLIFE DETECTED.

(I would have said: WATCH OUT--WILDLIFE NEARBY!)

They rolled it out on a stretch where wildlife strikes were 70% of accidents.

This is still a work in progress--but strikes are down 38%.

In some states, the person who hits the deer can keep the venison. To me, this sends a mixed message.

Anyway, the deer probably have an owl to read Govt Tech and get the scoop.

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