Friday, July 12, 2013

Dog bites human

In a story by Angela Chen (WSJ, July 9, 2013), we learned that 5 million dog bites occur each year.

One trainer describes them as "perfect storms of human failure." Well, pardon my daughter for petting that pit bull--19 stitches where he tried to tear off her upper lip.

Anyhow, this gal--Victoria Stilwell, host of Anny Planny's "It's Me or the Dog," offered some advice for us stupid humans.

Most dog attacks take place on private property by a dog you know. Maybe the animal came over with a friend. People are not wary enough.

Obvious signs of a possible attack include growling or barking. The ears may suddenly prick up. Some dogs drool if distressed. Drool? Slavering jaws!

Never mind--I am getting off message.

Other signs can be more subtle--a wagging tail does not mean a dog is happy in all cases. If a dog rolls on her belly, it may not mean belly-rub--it can mean back off.

Tensing up, staring, lifting one paw.

Lifting the lip to show teeth.

If a dog has hold of someone, put something on its head to block sight--usually they will let go.

That letting the dog smell the back of your hand--I have heard that is not a good idea, at least not for hand-lovers.

Even my little hot mess of a poodle rescue mutt can get in a mood--and growl or snap.

They're animals!

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