Monday, July 22, 2013

Drive-through tips

No matter how many nannies lecture us, we occasionally go to the fast food places--which, by the way, are neither fast nor cheap these days.

We got reamed at KFC--half our order left out--on Sat. So check! We asked, "Is it all there?" They said sure. Twenty bucks we'll never see again.

Did you know that at Wendy's you get apples instead of fries? Forty cals, zero fat, compared with 200 cals and 16 grams of fat.

If you don't like diet soda, maybe try half and half--half diet, half "real." I just finish my coffee from breakfast--no soda.

Chicken may be worse for you than beef. The Tendergrill at Burger King has more salt than the double bacon cheeseburger at Five Guys.

Get one patty--it tastes the same as double or triples and is filling.

Wendy's and McDonald's both have apps. Google it.

I used to live in the same block with McDonald's--two places in DC, not one, two. One day there was a shake spilled on the sidewalk. The next day--in summer--it was still there, unmelted.

That was scary.

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