Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eat to stay cool

How about a nice cucumber, mint and radish sandwich?

Nutritionist/Chef Michelle Dudash, author of Cleaning Eating for Busy Families, has some tips on summer eating--to stay cool, not just bikini-skinny.

How about peach salsa on grilled fish?

Or a cantaloupe smoothie?

Spicy foods are also good--they make you sweat, which cools you. (Sort of--warm slime covering your body is more like it.)

Did you know that cold foods--like ice-cream--actually make you feel hotter?

Red wine (astringent), hot coffee, hot tea--make you feel cooler.

Avoid high fat and protein to stay cool--there goes barbeque.

Lycopene, flavonols and carotenoids--are eatable SPF! They protect from the sun. Think cooked tomatoes (spaghetti sauce), dark chocolate, green tea, egg salad, kale chips.

Skin greasy? Black bean chips, not corn chips. Berries instead of sugary candy.

If you have rosacea, stay away from the hot grill. Watch the spicy foods, use soy-based marinades.

Now back to that mint and radish combo? Any thoughts?

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