Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Quick fixes housewise

The best and worst thing in my house is my dog. He is funny and cute (best), but he has also decided that being housebroken is a bore and no matter where I step, he is there first to trip me (worst).

As we get older, changes have to be made around us. For one thing, I could not live in a house with stairs anymore and neither can anyone I know in my age bracket.

Getting out of the shower takes a handhold—and I don’t mean a cheapie eBay shower curtain.

Laura Neergaard, AP, writes about this. A woman in her story with Parkinson’s can’t keep the food on the fork because she is so shaky with her tremors.

They are doing a study at Johns Hopkins about how to retrofit homes so people can stay in them.

They came into this gal’s home and made $1,100 worth of repairs. They replaced the shaky banister (stairs!) and added grab bars in the shower. They also raised  the toilet.

A “tall boy” toilet is most excellent—and don’t fall for that tall SEAT—get a new toilet.

They also found her some utensils that were weighted to hold steadier.

This group will also come over and check your meds, something I don’t want—at least so far.

One woman, though, was taking all 26 meds at once and could hardly stay conscious. Well, I guess not—besides that is too many!

They researchers also raised the kitchen counters so the woman could make lunch sitting—this is good for wheelchair-bound people, too.

In dark places or halls—how about battery-power lighting?

Back to the tall toilet—get one today even if you are young! You’ll thank me.

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