Tuesday, July 23, 2013

School days, school days--how to prep the tots

Docs at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore have some ideas on making the transition from summer to school a healthy one.

Yes, for many hapless youngsters, school is starting. It already has out here in AZ.

First, the kids should have a regular checkup. This also goes for older kids--and athletes.

Second, try to get back to a regular sleep schedule ASAP. Each step of the sleep ritual should take the child closer to the bed. First bath, then teeth, then into the bedroom for PJs, then into bed for reading.

Limit chocolate, sugar and soda after lunch--these are uppers.

Limit electronics an hour before bed.

Have your child's eyes examined. The slightest problem can make them avoid reading.

Provide appetizing lunches that look good and have nutritional value. Involve the kids in picking foods and shopping.

If the child eats the school lunch, look over the menus.

If the child seems afraid or filled with anxiety--is it academic or fear of bullying or something else? Try to find out. Talk it out.

A lot of kids actually like school and despite some incidents, feel safe there. Let them find their own friends, activities and comfort zone. Don't hover.

See that kid in the picture learning cursive? They may not teach it anymore. I advise some intervention there.

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