Monday, July 01, 2013

Secrets to a night's sleep are well known

I think I have said before on this site that I am a restless sleeper--have been since I was a kid. My daughter zones out for the count--but she is a night person and can only sleep well in the day time.

We spend a third of our lives unconscious and if we can't get that way, it can make us nuts.

Forty million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.

John Wilson, MD, neurologist at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital at Loyola, says it's not as simple as telling people to count sheep. Wherre did that come from, I wonder.

Working weird hours, the economy, and of course, being fat, affect sleep. (Being fat causes everything, apparently.)

Some tips:

Relax one hour before bedtime, no exercising. Read People or some light magazine (they said that, seriously).

Turn off all electronic handheld devices--some people check email or twitter in the night. Don't. Put devices in another room.

Darken the room as much as possible.

Wear comfy sleepwear and have a good mattress.

Jot down worries and concerns then try to forget them.

Limit animals on the bed--they can screw up your sleep.

Go to the john and don't drink a lot two hours before bed.

I read a story where parents give kids the hormone melatonin. This is probably not a good idea for kids. Adults can try it once in a while. Certainly the big boys--such as Xanax and Ambien--should be discussed with the doctor.

Ambien can have some very unamusing or dangerous side effects.

As for Lunesta, would you want a big green bug flying around while you are trying to sleep?

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