Friday, July 05, 2013

Sunglasses--glam or health?

I don't wear sunglasses--I should, but I hate them. I have one eye left that works and when I wear them and walk indoors I think I am blind!

I also remember being SHOCKED that sunglasses can cost hundreds of dollars. I never got that.

But, of course, our friends the researchers have determined that UV rays are damaging to delicate eye tissue. You can even get skin cancer of the eyelids.

According to George Cioffi, MD, chief of ophthalmology at New York-Presbyterian Hosp/Columbia Univ Med Center, everyone should wear them.

Most at risk--people with retinal disorders (me), people with light-colored eyes, cataract surgery patients, and those taking meds that increase sensitivity to light.

First, check the UV protection level. Look for  more than 95% UV protection--100% is better. This means it will say UV400 on them.

Darker is not necessarily better. The tint should block 80% of transmissible light, but no more than 90-92% of light. Neutral, amber, brown and green are good colors.

Make sure they wrap around the temples so light can't sneak in the sides.

Even if your contacts provide UV protection--wear sunglasses in addition to block drying wind.

Kids should also wear them--although little babies should not be in direct sun no matter how they are glammed out.

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