Thursday, July 18, 2013

What if your vacation makes you nuts?

Kate Goldhaber, PhD, a Loyola psychologist, says vacays can make you mentally and physically ill.

Think about it--stress of a tourism schedule, unfamiliar food and water, trying to make the most of everything, no comforting routine, drinking, overeating, lack of privacy, sleep deprivation, lack of "me" time, conflicts with family and others, and homesickness.

I don't know about homesickness--but yes, I do remember wanting to be in my own bed back in the days when I could afford vacations.

Isn't there anything good about vacations? Oh, of course, there is. People like novelty, it jumpstarts the brain, new music, languages--all good.

You can also strengthen relationships--get to know your kids, for instance.

So don't check email or texts all the time. Make it a real break.

We used to take those 3-week car vacations, no air conditioning, four kids in the car (one time my brother brought his garter snake Dr Pepper--that was fun).

But we went to every state except Alaska and Hawaii--and some of us (not moi) went to Hawaii later.

We also went to a lake in Wisconsin many years running. That is my happy place to this day. See picture.

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