Monday, July 15, 2013

What's new in plastic surgery

My sister looked into one of those Lifestyle Lifts hawked ad nauseam in TV. Surprise--lots of cutting, not like a nice lunchtime facial. And it's nine grand.

Debra Gelbart wrote about some other approaches in the AZ Republic. First, there is a difference between plastic and cosmetic. Any general surgeon can be a cosmetic surgeon--same for gynos, a family medicine doctor, or any other physician.

You want someone with plastic surgery creds--and admitting privileges at a hospital for that.

Big now is fat transfer. Take the fat from where you don't want it and put it where you do.

Laser skin treatments are also popular. There are degrees of this--a deep burn can mess up your face for a week or more.

Cool Sculpting that freezes fat and Liposonics that melt it--both so it can be extracted--these are big now.

The Ulthera System lifts the brow and tightens face skin--noninvasively.

All of these require a "walletectomy"--not cheap. And the doctor may say you're just not suited for it--an ethical doctor.

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