Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are you taking an anti-osteoporosis drug? Read this!

We once took our mother to a new doctor and they chased us out of the office, saying, "Wait--here is her Fosamax prescription." She never had a bone density test that they saw, nothing--just take this.

These drugs are not Tic-Tacs!

I said heck no, and she lived on many years and never broke anything. The woman drank a quart of milk a day. She loved milk.

On, Martha Rosenberg writes about biphosphonates--Fosamax, Boniva, and others.

One doctor thought wholesale prescribing of this could bring back "phossy jaw," which people in white phosphorus factories got 150 years ago.

Biphosphonate never completely metabolizes and leaves the body.

Yes, some women--usually Caucasian, thin--can have fragile bones. But these drugs suppress bone remodeling and after a time, bone formation is suppressed.

Look--I am not a doctor, but this is a big drug--talk to your doctor, don't just gulp it down.

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