Friday, August 16, 2013

Could the real Popeye still kick Bluto's butt?

Yes, the "I yam what I yam" dude is 75.

Would he still be functional musclewise? It's quality of mass, not quantity. Thus sayeth some researchers at the Universite de Montreal.

They related muscle mass and quality to the likelihood older people could remain independent.

They looked at 1,219 women 75 and up, but this applies to men, too.

Better muscle quality is the ratio of strength to muscle mass.

Lower  muscle quality can mean difficulty getting up from a chair, walking and climbing stairs.

Many seniors, they found, are surprisingly strong. Yes, you tend to lose muscle mass as you age )this is called sarcopenia).

The jumping  out of a chair thing and other tests, I guess, pinpoint the need for more work at the gym. If you can get to the gym.

As for leaping from chairs, stairs, and walking--don't joint issues also impair these functions?

As...Popeye and Bluto...well, the B-man is also 75. They grow up so fast. What do you think? Bluto, to me, looks like all show, no go.

Maybe spinach would help?

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