Friday, August 30, 2013

Eeek--The weeds are coming

Once my homeowner's insurance company sent some dude with a camera to take pix of my weeds in the backyard and try to cancel my policy. The guy was already coming to cut them--ha ha.

I live in the desert, and even 115-degree temps can't discourage weeds and invasive species. Now comes the fabulous news that across the country--a big weed takeover is coming.

Anne Marie Chaker writes about this in the WSJ, Aug 28, 2013. The cause is a wet growing season, following a mild winter, and last year's dry summer--somehow this means WEEDS!

Your summer plants are about to produce seeds. Quick! Do something!

What can you do to stave off icky  insurance dudes and fires from dried grass?

First, you could smother the weeds with black plastic or newspaper. Or blast them with Roundup--poison and doesn't work well anymore.

You can paint the herbicide on the leaves--yeah, getting right on that.

If you have a garden, till in late winter to get seeds to sprout so you can pull them up before planting.

Or you can use a pre-emergent. Apply in late fall AND early spring. Obviously do not plant grass with this--it will kill grass.

You can hoe, you can pull.

They will win. Ma Nature is a you know what.

By the way--Weed Eaters? They don't eat the weeds.

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