Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Mosquitoes--You people love them!

I rarely look at my blog stats--a year ago, Google did something that ensured that they got my eyeballs but I did not get my share of the ad money.

The other day, though, I noticed you people are interested in mosquitoes, so I am going with a winner.

Heidi Mitchell, WSJ, July 16, 2013, said some people have dubbed the little whiners "mozzies." I like it!

As I said before, the mozzies like the CO2 your bod gives off--pregnant women and larger people often get the worst of their attentions.

They also like the smell of the flora and fauna  on our skin. There is no science that says having diabetes or high cholesterol will keep mozzies at bay. Taking stuff to smell different--garlic pills, Vit B--also does not work.

Researchers can get used to being bitten--it doesn't bother them. People who are allergic get the big itches.

The itch comes from the bug's saliva (ew), which contains blood thinners (the better to suck) and an anesthetic (the better to suck without being smashed). The body recognizes this stuff as foreign and sends tons of antihistamines. Scratching just spreads all this.

So try not to claw at bites!

Dawn and dusk are mosquito time. If you are dining outside, set up a fan--they dislike moving air. Wash with antibacterial soap to smell less yummy.

Who am I kidding--the mozzies will win!

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