Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OK, sports Moms, time to suit up again

A recent study by i9 Sports showed that 68% of Moms say youth sports cause stress in their lives.

About a quarter said the sports routine caused strife with the spouse--over time, money, driving, or bad performance by the kids.

Three-quarters said they were happiest when the season ended.

Also affected--the mothers' jobs and productivity.

Some even lost out on promotions.

Some other findings: Three-quarters would like less emphasis on the win-at-all-costs culture. More than half said this also affected their children's happiness.

The goal, one spokesperson said, was to bring families together--not tear them apart.

One solution--sports one day a week.

i9 Sports has that (surprise!). No mandatory fundraising, one game a week, no long trips.

Also--i9 emphasizes sportsmanship and fair play.

Parents also sign a pledge to not be creeps on the sidelines.

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