Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rehydration booster tested by yours truly

You guys know by now that I think we take too much stuff--too many vitamins, nostrums, herbs, over-the-counter stuff, prescriptions, prescriptions to head off or cure what the other prescriptions did to us, etc.

So when they approached me about Oral I.V., I first thought the name was...contradictory.

I said--sigh--OK, I will try it and if it doesn't make me nauseated or dizzy (my favorites), I will mention it. See what I go through for you people?

Well, my sister and I both tried it. The little ampules contain clear liquid that has no taste. Like distilled water.

Supposedly this contains "crystalloid electrolytes" that make cells more permeable to water--this is not a water substitute but an enhancer. You drink 16 oz of water with it.

They gave it to the military and law enforcement first and apparently the SEALs and others, such as Crossfit trainers, did unspeakable acts of endurance without getting dehydrated.

Studies are underway.

What do I think--well, it takes a little suspension of disbelief. But if you are a serious athlete--see what you think at Four little tubes cost about $12. (Put url in your browser.)

Oh--and it did not make me at all sick.

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